why i love mothers' portraits :

Because I believe in the strength and beauty of mothers.

That sentence feels so incredibly small - can you read it again, slowly, with every word emphasized and raw with emotion? That's how I want you to hear it.

I believe in the strength and beauty of mothers.

Motherhood is hard and holy work. Maybe the hardest. Maybe the holiest. A hundred thousand moments go unthanked, and unnoticed by anyone but God - so I want to give mothers just a few moments of feeling very seen, very valued, very cherished. I want all mothers to feel as powerful and gorgeous as their loved ones see them, and as I see them. I want them to feel like the image-bearers of God that they are. 

I think that carrying and birthing a child are two of the most beautiful, brave, selfless acts a woman can do. I think that this specific beauty and this specific courage and this specific strength are worth at least one good portrait. 

what to expect from a mothers' portrait session :

-> These are incredibly simple maternity sessions. They last about 45 minutes, and can be either indoor or outdoor.

-> If indoor, we will shoot at my apartment, at midday, in a room with lots of natural light and white fabric. I'm going for, "light, airy, simple, and feminine."

-> If outdoor, we will shoot just before sundown,