Shelby M'lynn Mick

( that middle one is “muh-LYNN,” exactly like the first two syllables of ‘Melinda’ )

There’s something you should know about me.

I’m an imperfectionist.

(Did you catch the im? It’s there, at the beginning. Imperfectionist.)

I'm also a peacemaker. 

I've heard that one my whole life, long before the Enneagram showed up on everyone's radar and gave me that title. 

Peace. Peaceful. Peacemaker. These often are the first words people use to describe me. I've had peace spoken over me as long as I can remember. 

And I've only recently started to realize how active of a role a peacemaker is. It's not a peace-lover or peace-preferer. I don't just like peace. (Which I do.) I have to help make peace. I believe this is a role to which I've been called. I have responsibilities. So I've started looking for ways to make peace, and bring it to the people around me.

Through photography, I want to help others make peace with their imperfections. The things they see as physical imperfections, or the less-than-perfect pieces of their lives and stories. 

If you're here, reading this - I believe you are beautiful. Just like this. I believe your stories matter. Right now. And I have decided my life’s work will be to convince you of the same.

I’m looking to seek beauty—your beauty. I want to show you how joyful those lines around your eyes make you look when you laugh. I want to make those untamable curls glow in the light. I want to be there for the moment when you forget there’s a camera between us, and your soul peeks out from behind your eyes.

I’m looking to tell stories—your stories. How you got the scar on your forehead, how you fell in love with him, after he was already chest-deep in love with you. How your firstborn is the most wondrous and terrifying thing you’ve ever held, and suddenly it’s scary to breathe. How your kids have too much energy this afternoon, and how in the world he already has a grass stain on his knee. How you cannot believe that she will start college next fall, and your heart is singing with pride but also - breaking. How you’re bursting at the seams with hope and fear and courage and joy, all the time.

I’m looking to do good things with my photos. To make peace and to ignite hope and to sing hallelujah. But I’m not looking for perfection. Not anymore. Not from me, and not from you, friend.

I know that not everyone joins me in my celebration of imperfection. That’s okay. But I also know I’m not alone—so if this sounds right to you, and if you like what you see in my galleries and on my session info page, then you can find the "say hello" button and send me an email. We’ll find a time to seek beauty and tell stories.

Other things you should know about me:

I like the word hallelujah a lot and use it more than the average girl. I admire that its only job is to praise God.

I like counting my blessings. My goal is to write down 1,000 a year, and I carry a small notebook with me most everywhere.

I’m married to the very best man I know. He is a wonderfully brave, gentle, and talented musician. 

We started dating in January and married that November, and that is the only thing I have ever done and will ever do quickly.

I began falling in love with him when he described my evangelism as, “kicking ass.” 

My mother is an author/professor; my father is an accountant/triathlete; and my sister might be the baddest badass I know. They all make me awfully proud.

And I really like peaches.

And I’m trying very hard to be brave.

On our second wedding anniversary. I like him.  Erin Fox took this - she is one of the kindest, hardest-working artists I know.

On our second wedding anniversary. I like him.

Erin Fox took this - she is one of the kindest, hardest-working artists I know.

Taken by one of my very favorite humans, Palmer.

Taken by one of my very favorite humans, Palmer.

Portraits at the top of this page by the one and only Melissa Wilson.