why i love lifestyle newborn sessions :

Because this is holy ground.

You are getting acquainted with your most recent miracle - this new soul, conceived in love, long-awaited and labored for, with the breath of God in their little lungs. 

These are once in a lifetime moments, whether this is your first baby or your tenth. I know that. I love that.

This new little soul and your bond with it - it's worth stopping and awing over. It's worth making a record of how this baby looks in your arms, and what your home and your life felt like, right after they arrived and changed everything. 


what to expect from a lifestyle newborn session :

-> I ask $650 for lifestyle newborn sessions. This is an all-inclusive price that includes our time shooting and an online gallery of my selections of lightly retouched, high-resolution images, with printing rights. 

-> I aim to schedule these sessions in the first two weeks after your baby has been born. If you book before the baby comes, I will make a note of your due date, and you can let me know when the baby is here, so we can schedule our session.

->  We will shoot at your home, but please do not worry about having everything (or anything) picked up, or your decorating chops. Trust me on this!

->  We will move at a relaxed pace. I'm expecting to take breaks to nurse and soothe the baby. Please don't worry about how long it's taking!

->  I usually start these in the late morning, and go for at least two hours. If you've noticed or can watch for a time when lots of light comes into key rooms (nursery, living room, parents' bedroom), that will be helpful in choosing a start time.

->  Expect images similar to the ones you see in my gallery! I don't have a bean bag, or a trunk full of designer swaddles and headbands or props. Lifestyle newborn photography has a very unposed, documentary approach, compared to traditional newborn photography. I'm a lifestyle newborn girl!

->  I will deliver an online gallery within three weeks after our shoot, of at least fifty final images. You can download the files to keep forever, and you have the option to order beautiful-quality prints of your favorites, small or large, through the gallery, which I highly recommend, and which is in addition to the $650. If you'd like to see those print prices beforehand, please let me know.

-> A $200 deposit is due at the time of booking, and is non-refundable; the remaining balance is due at our session!