Why I love Family sessions :

Because I love family. I love the sacrifice and the commitment family requires. The hard work makes the moments of love and joy worth so much more.

Beautiful families do not happen on accident. They are the result of years of hard work and sacrifice and grace and patience, and that's why I want to celebrate and honor them. That's why I want to turn my camera toward mothers and fathers and sons and sisters. Because I think they are marvelous and important and so very worth documenting. 

I want to write down your family's portraits and stories with light. That's what photography means, you know. Writing with light.

I want to write down exactly how wonderful and wild and imperfect and beautiful your life is right now.

Because there's no other family quite like yours - and even they will be different tomorrow.


what to expect from a family session :

->  90 minutes. Sunset. Outdoors.

-> Expect to run, to twirl, to snuggle, to explore, to kiss, to laugh.

->  I will direct you, but it probably won't sound like, "Hold still for one more second!" or, "Everyone look here and smile!"  I will tell you to look at one another, hold each other even closer, ask questions that lead to smiles and warm fuzzies, and I'll get everyone moving. 

->  I will deliver an online gallery within 3 weeks after our shoot, of at least 50 final images. You can download the files to keep forever, and you can order prints of your favorites, small or large, through the gallery. If you'd like to see my print prices beforehand, please let me know.

->  I have some tried and true spots around Nashville, but I would also love to hear if you have an idea for the location of our shoot. Shooting in a place that is already special to your family can make the photos more meaningful, and help everyone relax. I also love shooting at families' homes, and pristine landscaping is not required for that to be a great option!

->  Currently, late September is my earliest availability, and I will announce new prices on September 1st!