Welcome to your school photo viewing page!

Hello, FCA families!

I was honored to have the chance to take school portraits with your beautiful children this year. And I’m so excited to show you what we got!

To see your child’s school photos, start by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page! Enter the gallery, type in your email, then select the folder for your child’s grade, teacher, and then your child’s individual folder.

If you chose to get sibling photos, and ALL of your kids attend FCA, then the shots of everyone will be in ONE of your kid’s folders, and each student will also have their own folder. If you chose to get sibling photos, and one of your kids does NOT attend FCA, then you will have a folder for your non-FCA child in the “Siblings” folder.

You will order your prints and digital files directly through the gallery! There is a video below that will walk you through the process, if you have any questions.

all orders are due by Tues, October 15th at 11:59pm!

I will order the prints for the entire school all at one time, to keep costs low, so that is why there is a time limit on ordering. After midnight on the evening of October 15th, you can still purchase digital files, but not prints or canvases!

Some reminders:

-> One complimentary 5x7 class photo will be included with each print order! (You can buy additional class photos, too, but know that ONE will be included with your print order, without you having to do anything!)

-> I will be donating 10% of my profits back to FCA!

-> Some kids are willing and ready to give me a variety of expressions, while others are more reserved. This is why some kids may have more photos in their galleries than others.

-> Christmas is coming! And I think these make amazing gifts :)

I made a video for you, to hopefully answer ALL your questions and help you feel confident as you order. If you feel like you can figure it out, no need to watch this whole thing - but please do watch this if you run into any questions. If you still have questions after watching the video, you can send a message through the “Say Hello” button in the top right corner of the page, or just email me at shelbymlynn.photo@gmail.com.

Thank you, and ENJOY your photos!